We are Educational Guardians for Chinese Students

Since 2003, we’ve be on a mission: to help Chinese students find the best host families across the UK.

Why Us?

Homestay Arrangement

We select the best host family for your child, based on family profile and proximity.

Airport Pickup

We arrange and ensure that your child’s safely picked-up from the airport.

Academic Reporting

We attend your mid and end-term parents’ evenings, and report back your child’s academic performance.

Educational Advice

We consult and provide educational guidance for you and your child.


“Well-organised, personal and efficient.”


“The students’ needs and welfare are given the highest priority.”



As parents, communication to the school and host family is key to ensuring your child’s happiness and academic achievement. This is why we are fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

Service Quality

Trust is important. This is why we are annually inspected and regulated by AEGIS, an education and guardianship association for international students, to assure you that we provide the best service for your child.

Tutor Support.

We understand the importance and benefits of after-school academic support and tuition. This is why we help arrange 1-to-1 private tuition either at your school or with your homestay.

Educational Advice

We understand the English education system is different to what you are used to. This is why we offer advice on subject-choice from GCSE’s to A Level’s, and also how to prepare and write for UCAS.

Wyke College

We are proud to be an exclusive student agent of Wyke College: a college that's rising the educational ranks, with over £3 million spent on facilities.

1-to-1 Tuition

The only college that supports 80hrs/yr of 1-to-1 English tuition.

Monitoring Academic Performance

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Families with School Connection

Homestay with teachers, school staffs, or students' families

High Academic Achievement

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